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(All cheese is six dollars each and served with sun-dried fruit and nuts)

Comte Saint Antoine
A rich buttery firm cow's milk cheese from France with hints of hazelnuts
Fromage de Meaux
A true cow's milk brie from France. The flavor is that of wild flowers and butter
Monte Enebro
A creamy lemony firm goats milk cheese from Spain. Inoculated with Roquefort "mold"
Named best blue cheese in Spain, 2003, this is a rich, creamy, intensely flavored semi-hard cow/goat's milk blue
Uplands Pleasant Ridge
One of the most exquisite cheeses made in America. A nutty, clean semi-firm cow's milk cheese from Wisconsin
Fog Light
A mini version of the award winning Humboldt Fog goat cheese from Cypress Grove in California
Pierre Robert
An incredible triple cream cow's milk cheese from France
A strong smelling brandy washed rind soft cheese from Burgundy, France
A full-bodied washed rind goat's milk cheese from Spain
Point Reyes
A very mild sweet tasting blue cow's milk cheese from Northern California
Fleur Du Maquis
Rubbed in rosemary, fennel seeds, and juniper berries, this is a mild sheep's milk cheese from Corsica
Blu del Moncenisio
A pungent, peppery cow's milk blue from the Piedmont region of Italy
Cheddar, Keen's
One of England's finest farmhouse cheddars
A creamy, delightful Loire Valley style fresh goat's milk cheese from Vermont
A pungent washed rind cow's milk cheese from southwestern Virginia
Pierre Robert
A buttery smooth triple cream from France
Stilton, Colston Bassett
The finest and creamiest Stilton available today.

"The K Cheese Sampler"
chef's selection of five cheeses with nuts and fruit 25