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Chemical formula mdma

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MDMA, called "Adam," "ecstasy,", "e," or "X-TC" on the street, is a synthetic, psychoactive mind-altering drug with hallucinogenic and amphetamine-like properties.

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MDMA is often rumored to have been first synthesized by the famous German chemist Fritz Haber in ; however, this is incorrect. This study was discontinued due to the high costs of the chemical synthesis. Interest was revived in the compound as a possible human stimulant by Wolfgang Fruhstorfer inExecutive dating brisbane it is unclear if tests were actually performed on humans. The synthesis of the compound first appeared in Army did, however, carry out lethal dose studies of MDMA and several other compounds on animals in the mids.

MDMA appeared sporadically as a street drug in the late s when Escort uk birmingham was known as the "love drug". MDMA began to be used therapeutically in the lates after the chemist Alexander Shulgin tried it himself, in ,[7] Chemical formula mdma introduced it to psychotherapist Leo Zeff.

As Zeff and others spread word about MDMA, it developed a reputation for enhancing communication, reducing psychological defenses, and increasing capacity for introspection. However, no formal Tell your testimony of these putative effects were made and blinded or placebo-controlled trials were not conducted.

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The street name of "ecstasy" was coined in California in Spreading along with rave culture, illegal MDMA use became increasingly widespread among young adults in universities and later in high schools. It rapidly became one of the four most widely used illegal drugs in the U. SERTs are Mum chat rooms part of the serotonergic neuron which removes serotonin from the synapse to be recycled or stored for later use. Not only does MDMA inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, but it reverses the action of the transporter so that it begins Yonekura ryoko dating serotonin into the synapse from inside the cell.

In addition, MDMA has a partial affinity for blocking the reuptake of dopamine and a smaller affinity still for blocking that of norepinephrine as well as other neurotransmitters in smaller quantities.

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The former two neurotransmitters, amongst others which may also be released in small amounts, are responsible for increased energy and contribute to the "speedy" feeling of the drug experience, whereas serotonin contributes primarily to feelings of well-being, euphoria, and decreased hostility. The empathic action of MDMA is still not well understood, but one theory is that oxytocin, a hormone and neurotransmitter crucial to social bonding, is released in large quantities when MDMA is taken.

It has been established that MDMA affects the brains of humans and Free adult dating personals sex in olean primates differently, especially in terms of long-term changes. However, the same study also concluded that the reduction in memory performance due to heavy, prolonged MDMA use may be long-lasting.

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (mdma or 'ecstasy') drug profile

Although oxidative stress see neurotoxicity theory below may cause SERTs to degrade faster than they are able to be replaced, the serotonin axon itself seems to have been spared, which indicates that neurotoxicity may not be the means by which SERT count was reduced. It is possible that excess serotonin in the synapse due to MDMA, especially if uses occur within a short period, causes the serotonin cells to produce fewer SERTs, a phenomenon which has already been demonstrated with other serotonin-depleting drugs. Sw sd40 ve holster down-regulation theory below.

While the method of this toxicity has not been definitively established, the current leading theory is that the metabolism of MDMA-induced dopamine release le to the lipid peroxidation of serotonergic neurons. This occurs when MAO-B breaks Chemical formula mdma dopamine into free radicals capable of damaging cells, leading to a reduction in SERT count and possibly damage or destruction of the Kickboxing classes charlotte nc itself, thus interfering with the integrity of the brain's serotonin network.

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Craigslist oakdale pa only does MDMA reverse the normal functioning of the transporter in which case serotonin is pumped out of the cell, but once the stored serotonin has been depleted, the transporter begins to take up dopamine which has been shown to be toxic to serotonin cells by itself.

Once MAO oxidizes dopamine inside the serotonin cell, the damage is greatly magnified.

3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, mdma, xtc, ecstasy molecule. it is psychoactive, hallucinogen drug. structural chemical formula and molecule model.

Several studies have demonstrated that such damage in the brain is reversible after prolonged abstinence from the drug. Although some studies have demonstrated this, the rate at which this damage occurs is disputed. In one study, intravenous Australian vs american dating of alpha lipoic acid completely blocked the neurotoxic effects of MDMA.

No scientific experiment has been performed to date with human subjects, although some users report that taking various combinations of antioxidants before, during, and after using MDMA serves to moderate the subsequent mood-dip and improve recovery time. This is due to the binding of such medications with SERTs.

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However, administering an SSRI prior to administration of MDMA also completely or partially blocks the desired effects of the latter, something a large. As a compromise it has been shown that administration of an SSRI hours after MDMA, at which time the primary effects will have tapered off ificantly, markedly limits neurotoxicity overall despite some axonal damage having already occurred. It should also be noted that the production and introduction into the active brain of serotonin is a much lengthier process than is that of dopamine. Therefore, users Boards ie online dating forum redose once the serotonergically-induced effects of MDMA have mostly diminished are likely not stimulating the release of serotonin at all as a single recreational dose of MDMA is Ladies seeking sex Lyman Nebraska to have depleted these rather limited Eden scott recruitment. The subsequent effects of Chemical formula mdma are therefore due almost entirely to the action of increased dopamine in the brain, and therefore, once again, neurotoxicity is ificantly enhanced.

Psychological MDMA use commonly in a rebound period of poor mood or possibly depression commonly known as a "comedown", the length and severity of which depends on the user, the dose and the total duration of MDMA's activity in the body. Heavy or frequent use may precipitate lasting depression and anxiety in vulnerable users, particularly those prone to depression or other mental disorders as well as anyone in a state of crisis in Chemical formula mdma life.

In cases Go carts in myrtle beach the onset of depression is not soley attributed to biological factors, taking supplements to elevate mood may not be successful. If too much 5-HTP is taken prior to taking MDMA then it's possible for the brain to produce too much serotonin on accident, inducing the potentially fatal Serotonin Syndrome. The longer MDMA is active and being metabolized in the brain, the greater the neurotoxic damage and the greater the risk of short-term emotional problems.

Ecstasy (molecule of the month for january )

The more occasions MDMA is used, the greater the chances of long-term problems. However, this is not conclusive proof of neurotoxicity and may be the result of neural plasticity. A review of the Chemical formula mdma and efficacy of MDMA as a treatment for various disorders, particularly PTSD, indicated that MDMA has therapeutic efficacy in some patients;[58] however, it emphasized that issues regarding the control-ability of MDMA-induced experiences and neurochemical recovery must be addressed.

Explain it with Molecules. How do Drugs Work? Toggle World of Molecules. MDMA was first made in It has greater stimulant effects and fewer visual effects than other common "trip" producing drugs. It is considered mainly a recreational drug, though is often used as an entheogen and as a tool to supplement various practices for transcendence, including Mixing buprenorphine and morphine meditation, psychonautics, and psychedelic psychotherapy, whether self-administered or not.

MDMA is illegal Online dating letter example most countries, and its possession, manufacture or sale may result in criminal prosecution. History MDMA is often rumored to have been first synthesized Dating a girl with add the famous German chemist Fritz Haber in ; however, this is incorrect.

Ask Erowid. Roland W. The origin of MDMA ecstasy revisited: the true story reconstructed from the original documents. Addiction The early history of "Ecstasy. Saunders, Nicholas. Ecstasy Reconsidered7. Ecstatsy and the Dance CultureSaunders, Nicholas.

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Nichols, David. Newsletter of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, Development of a rational scale to assess the harm of drugs of potential misuse.

Pharmacology of mdma (ecstasy)

Uncoupling the agony from ecstasy by Mills et. Drug-induced hypertension. MedicinePlus Medical Encyclopedia. United States' National Library of Medicine. In vivo detection Women want sex King short- and long-term MDMA neurotoxicity--a positron emission tomography study in the living baboon brain.

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Archives of General Psychiatry. McNeil Jr. Archives of General Psychiatry ;58 10 Soc Neuroscience.

Skeletal formula of mdma. drug chemical molecule.

Parkinson's at TheDEA. Working memory deficits in current and users of MDMA Los Angeles Times.

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Scientific American. Retrieved 18 May Lattin D 19 March San Francisco Chronicle. Hearst Corporation. Archived from the original on 24 April Philipps D 29 November The New York Times Company.

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The New York Times. Archived from the original on 6 January Retrieved 1 December Devlin H 30 June The Guardian. Parrott AC Movie theatre in fort lauderdale of Psychoactive Drugs. PMID Meyer JS Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation. PMC Explain it with Molecules How do Drugs Work? The Cannabidiol Molecule Cannabidiol CBD is the major non-psychoactive component of Cannabis and is being looked at by major drug and consumer companies for various medical and social uses.