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Matching pictures to numbers

Also included in: Classroom Decor Bundle. Also included in: Classroom Decor with Real Photos.

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Community Preschool matching s Examples from our community. Wheel Random wheel by Jkates. Image quiz by Villafloresgild. Preschool K. Patrick's Day Quiz by Jkates. Figuras Geometricas Balloon pop by Anagonzalez.

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Many students start kindergarten already knowing Sex videos Sutherland Virginia to count. Confusion about different representations can make it hard for students to learn addition and subtraction. Practicing the different ways to show a can help students understand each as a quantity. Students will move through a series of collaborative practice activities with these representations. The strategy ends with an assessment of learning as well as options for continued practice.

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Share Puzzles. Objective: Students will identify a by its written numeral, its name, and a picture of repeated objects showing Very lonely Burgos quantity. K Common Core K. Represent a of objects with a written numeral 0—20, with 0 representing a count of no objects. A: When counting objects, say the names in the standard order, pairing each object with one and only one name and each name with one and only one object.

B: Understand that the Sex machines stories name said tells the of objects counted.

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The of objects is the same regardless of their arrangement or the order in which they were counted. Gather materials. Print a puzzle for each group Woman want nsa Boyes three to five students. Consider cutting the puzzle pieces out ahead of time.

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You can keep them clipped together or bundled in small bags. Printing on card stock or laminating the puzzle pieces can make it easier for students to work with them. Prepare a set of index cards for the numerals 1— Write one numeral on each card. Prepare a matching set for the names.

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Organize small objects like straws, blocks, erasers, or counters into groups of one to You can group the objects in small plastic bags or cups, like five straws in one bag or six erasers in a cup. Teaching Chandrapur in which state Make a word wall to support English language learners ELLs and other students who benefit from visual supports.

Having the names alongside the written numerals will help students learn them as sight words. If a word wall is not an option, make an anchor chart large enough for all students to see. Warm up by reviewing identification. Write a between 1 and 10 on the board, or point to a on a Phone sex cougar wall or anchor chart.

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Say the aloud. Ask students to repeat the. Then ask students to show and count the of fingers to Sweet wives want sex tonight Lewiston the. Model the correct answer. This is 3. After several rounds, explain to the students that there are many ways to represent s, and using fingers is just one of them. Model the responses by writing, drawing, and using objects depending on what students say.

Model representing s in different ways.

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You can use a numeral. You can use a name, which is the word for the. Or you can use a picture Houses for rent in volusia county a set of objects.

Say numeral with me. You can use a name. Say name with me. Or you can use a picture or set of objects. Say picture or set of objects with me. Show them what these representations look like. But it can also be written as the word five. Five Erotic massage olympia the name. And it can be shown by five of the same object.

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Five squares. All of these mean the same thing: 5 point to the written numeral5 point to the nameand 5 point to Chihuahua vancouver wa squares. Use objects around the room to represent the quantity. You can use blocks, counters, bean bags, or anything large and bright enough for students to see from their seats. Practice matching numerals and names to counted objects.

Matching worksheets - count and match - counting

Before moving on to working with all the s 1—10 and their representations, have students practice with just a few s. Place a set of objects in front of each group of students, varying the of objects from group to group. These objects can be This is our temporary home lyrics, blocks, straws, etc.

One student should be in charge of displaying the objects for the other members to see. Next, give students four index cards: two with numerals and two with matching names.

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For example, if a group has six objects in front of them, they might get the following four cards: 1, 6, one, six. As a group, have the students decide which index cards one Ear kiss meaning and one name go with the set of objects. Let the students discuss it and come to an agreement. Check in with each group and offer support as needed. Once all the groups have made their decisions, have them share out.

Rotate the set of objects from one group to the next and pass Nude Belford bitches a new set of cards to each group. Repeat the same steps. After two rounds, if each group has had a successful match, move onto the puzzles activity.

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Practice with puzzles. Pass out a set of puzzles to each group pre-cut or with scissors if students are making the sets. Sort all the puzzle pieces into three piles: numerals, names, and pictures.

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Once students have Babes from india three piles, have them shuffle each pile so its pieces are in no particular order. Tell your group members the you have selected. Together the group will search for Matching pictures to numbers matching name and a matching picture card from the other two piles to go with the. Continue taking turns and Ghb online uk your pieces together.

When all of the pieces have been matched into groups of three numeral, name, and Single ladies want real sex New Cumberlandraise your hands to have your work checked. Assessment of learning. Have students meet with you one-on-one at a table with objects on it. Give each student a numeral an index card Community builder dating site from the puzzle piece set. Ask students to show you the matching quantity using objects on the table.

Then, ask them to pick the matching name from the set of index cards or puzzle pieces. Have students count out the objects and say the name to show their understanding that all three represent the same quantity. Students who have difficulty with this task should be given additional small group instruction focused on a limited set of s like 1—5 and then 6— Continued practice. Give students opportunities to keep practicing representing s.

Try these as follow-up activities to reinforce learning:. Make a set of puzzles into necklaces by punching a hole on either side of each piece and adding string. Give each student a necklace. Use a word wall as a way to check in with small groups of students or individuals.

Have them identify aspell out the name, and count the objects. Show a in any form that you choose.

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Give students a moment to think about what it is.