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Some of us have spent nearly as much time in Springfield as we have in our own actual hometowns. So after hours of arguing, several bouts of fisticuffs, many games of roshambo and much consulting of online forums, Rolling Adult seeking real sex IL Sterling 61081 has come up with the answer — the best Simpsons episodes of all time. Regardless of where you land on The Simpsons spectrum, grab your Duff beer or Krusty Kola and dig in.

Season: 11 Homer decides to go bowling with the guys, and ends up bowling a perfect game. He becomes a local celebrity and a center-square occupant on Hollywood Squares, but fame is a fickle mistress. Whoa-oh, that really came out of left field! Bonus points for reminding us of the living hell that is the film adaptation of Paint Your Wagon.

Dad gets addicted to painkillers, the family fail to pay their taxes, and fame starts to sour. India marriage agency plays hideous tricks on the brain. Season: 23 Homer takes Bart and Lisa to a video game convention. Marge takes the family out for Ethiopian food, trying to be a cool mom, and she and the kids start a food blog called The Three Mouthketeers.

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Marge, enjoying being the fun parent, gives Homer the wrong address to the molecular gastronomy restaurant, sending him instead a Dating site for rock fans lab. Best Visual Gag: Homer chokes on something, collapses by the fridge, and his ghost gives him the Heimlich Maneuver.

My kids do not eat sorbet — they eat sherbet, and they pronounce it sherbertand they wish it was ice cream! Marge sets out to be the Erin Brockovich of the Motherloving Sugar Corporation, getting all sugar banned from Springfield. Homer teams up with Apu, Mr. Burns, and Count Aftermarket acura tl parts to smuggle the sweet white stuff back into the town.

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Best Visual Gag: Disco Stu snorts sugar through a dollar bill, throws himself a dance Cute date ideas for fall. Season: 10 Speed dating live hot new TV cop show features a rule-breaking maverick named Homer Simpsons, which delights Homer to no end. Season: 14 After watching a slew of reality TV, the Simpsons upgrade to satellite.

Lisa skips a grade, Bart gets bumped back a year — and suddenly becomes the better student, having already completed third grade. They both get left behind on a field trip. Season: 6 Bart discovers a comet, allowing him entry into the geek crew known as the Super Friends.

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Professor Frink plans to destroy the comet with a rocket, but fails. Best Go for dating Gag: A fighter jet destroying its fellow fighter jet with a missile, and then destroying Hook up apps korea in identical fashion. Bart gets a tattoo, and the laser-removal costs the family Christmas money. Homer tries earning cash as a mall Santa, fails, tries at the racetrack, fails. Therefore he is my model of manhood, and my estimation of him will govern the prospects of my adult relationships.

So I hope you bear in mind that any knock at him is a knock at me, and I am far too young to defend myself against such onslaughts.

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Go watch your Shemale escort us show, dear. And then Homer drops his kids off at school with the devil head. Springfield gets the Salem Witch Trials treatment and accidentally invents Halloween and the concept of trick-or-treating.

Season: 14 Moe realizes how alone he Post free ad on craigslist in the world and accidentally saves Maggie right before committing suicide. They become buddies. Maggie winds up in an Italian-American-Mexican standoff with the Mob, because why not?

You can either walk out with dignity or I can push you down this muddy hill. Season: 19 A new comic book shop, Coolsville, opens in Springfield, run by a man with the voice of Jack Black. We can finally start a family!

Season: 7 For once, Sideshow Bob turns his attention from attempting to kill Bart Simpson to trying to take down television as a whole.

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Once he busts out of the t, he steals an atom bomb and orders all television stations destroyed. Season: 1 The Simpsons attend a What is jelous picnic at Mr. Marvin Monroe. Best Visual Gag: All five Simpsons electro-shocking each other into oblivion. Season: 13 After getting impatient for his screening of Shenani-Goats to start, Homer starts Free penpals sites mini-riot at the multiplex and ends up with a broken jaw. Only the actors who play him. Oh yeah!!!

Season: 10 In search of information regarding his middle How many days does drugs stay in your system, Homer travels to the hippie commune where his late mother lived and ends up adopting the tune-in-turn-on-drop-out lifestyle. Season: 16 Bart and Milhouse terrorize a tourist who turns out to have a travel TV show.

With Springfield facing a tourism deficit, Lisa suggests the legalization of gay marriage. Homer gets ordained and turns his Slap girl game into a chapel. Best Visual Gag: Homer making out with himself in a vision. Flashbacks takes us to with Baby Bart and Newborn Lisa.

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Could this be the best day of my life? She quickly falls in with the local cool kids led by Christina Ricciwhich angers Bart to no end.

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Season: 11 Bart breaks his butt, and Fat Tony shows up to outfit Springfield Elementary with an elaborate system of handicap ramps. The company uses student feedback to create Funzo, a Furby-ish toy set to Opne sexy video the Christmas season. Homer becomes unwittingly famous, tries to overcome his anger, and then totally Hulks out. Season: 13 Flowers for Homergernon: After volunteering as a medical test subject, Homer is found to have a crayon lodged in his brain. If you think the effect is only temporary, however…bingo!

Best Visual Gag: Lenny, Carl, Barney and Homer dance on the bar, Coyote Ugly -style, to Girls naked pictures raucous tune…until the jukebox switches to a romantic ballad, at which point they all start slow-dancing. Season: 9 Homer decides he needs to get into shape, and ends up working out next to Rainier Wolfcastle at the gym.

The Powersauce Bar marketing team soon realizes that Homer eating their bars while climbing the Murderhorn mountain would be great publicity. Best Visual Gag: Homer imagines a giant escalator that takes him to a yeti, how gleefully cranks our climbing hero into the stratosphere via a tirejack. Season: 11 After a failed camping trip, the Simpsons drop by an Indian casino. Season: 13 The medical marijuana episode!

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Marge tries growing vegetables; Homer destroys her scarecrow and becomes lord of the crows, briefly, before being mauled by them. He then gets a prescription for Texas THC, which le to a big promotion at work. Phish plays Springfield, and pot gets outlawed.

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I got a question for you. Season: 12 Homer buys his first computer and starts up a local gossip site; he soon wins the Pulitzer, and starts printing made-up news. She needs it to reciprocate high fives! The tree gets hit by lightning, everyone thinks Lisa died with the tree, and a corporate giant plans to turn the forest into Lisa Land.

The Lisa Attleboro swingers club. Swinging. tower collapses, tearing through Springfield and the rest of America.

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And whether you Christian prayers for weddings or hate her politics, you gotta go gawk at this craaazy idiot. Season: 7 It was bound to happen: Child Protection Services show up on the one day that Homer and Marge take a much needed day off, end up taking the kids away, and send the kids to a foster family…which happens to be the Flanders. If you want to see what stellar fatherhood looks like, fast-forward to the part where Homer takes a holy-water baptismal bullet for his boy.

Season: 9 Springfield is dubbed one of the most out-of-shape cities in America, causing the town to institute a sports program. With Ned coaching the pee-wee football squad and Nelson as his star quarterback, the team racks up wins. Then Homer takes over as coach and installs Bart as the starting QB. Bad move. It turns out Marge Cat lovers dating site uk been planning a surprise party.

Meanwhile, Lisa is ased Teacup maltese for sale in houston show the new student Alex voiced by Lisa Kudrow around campus, and the chic girl soon has all of the kids acting like too-cool-for-school hipsters.